You’ve written the song, performed it, and had it mixed and mastered. Hopefully, you’re proud of your work and are ready to release it. Now what? How can you tell you won’t be the only one to like it? 

One of the best ways to tell if your song will connect with an audience is to play it for family and friends. Make sure you can trust them to give their honest opinion; faux praise will ultimately turn into a negative outcome. In fact, it is even better to allow your family and friends to listen to the song from its infancy. That way, you can get feedback from people who are not in the music industry while you make the song. 

Another way to predict if your song will be a hit is by listening to the song while driving, surrounded by songs currently dominating your favorite radio station. Does your song flow with the others? Is it enjoyable while driving freely? How about while sitting at a red light? If your song is in any way unenjoyable to you in this setting, it might be time to rethink if it is actually ready for release. 

While making a hit song takes a lot of luck, following the steps above could easily increase your chances of getting positive audience reception. So don’t wait; finish that song and get others’ opinions! You might just find yourself with your biggest song yet.