Diane Warren Announces New Album

I saw that Diane Warren is going to make an album herself. I am surprised, given she is known solely for her songwriting. I wonder what her songs will sound like. Do you think her album will be good? “I am writing new songs all the time, and I really think I’m writing my best songs right now.”

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Paris Jackson Releases New Song

Paris Jackson recently released a new song, “Let Down.” I think she has a beautiful voice and that she can easily make it in the music industry. How do you think she sounds compared to Michael and Janet? “I feel so many emotions. I’m excited, I’m nervous, mostly grateful and happy.”

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Style of Dream Girl

We have two clients looking for tracks for their projects. They would like the lyrics complete but as songwriters and they would not mind collaborating on the project. Currently we are accepted music on their behalf and looking for additional tracks for the remainder of their projects.


Style of Alessia Out of Love

Looking for a track to fit the style of Alessia Out of Love for an Indie artist. Artist is looking to record in the studio to see if they would like to purchase as an exclusive. They want lyrics and music and MP3 track for studio recording. $575 for the right to record the track with options.


Style of Saweetie

Looking for a track for an indie artist (Instrumental Only) and they want to write the lyrics. The client has expressed a purchase of the track plus a split of 100% to the producer share and 100% to them for the writer’s share.